Welcome to the website of the Cats Creep Campaign, a group of concerned local residents who are trying to protect Round Hill's historic twitten from overdevelopment.

Planning Permission refused

The planning application to build on land next to the Cats Creep has now been refused. Thank you to everyone who wrote letters and signed petitions - your efforts ensured that the opinions of local people were heard by decision makers in the Council.

The Planning Officer cited 6 reasons for refusing permission.

We will now be watching to see if the applicant appeals against the decision (to the Planning Inspectorate) or decides to put in a revised application.

Development proposals

A planning application was made to build 3 3-bedroom houses and two 1-bedroom flats on one of the wooded areas next to the Cats Creep.

- full information about the plans


News of the development provoked anger among residents of Round Hill, many of whom value the precious few green spaces we have left in the area.

The proposed site

The twitten between Richmond Road and Round Hill Crescent, known locally as the 'Cats Creep' or 'Catcreep' is a much-loved and picturesque part of the Round Hill Conservation Area. The idea that the green oasis in the heart of Round Hill could be lost has horrified members of the community.

Some of us formed this campaign group to oppose the plans for development. If you would like to join us, please contact us - we will be delighted to hear from you.

Brownfield or greenfield?

The proposals submitted to the Council referred several times to a 'brownfield' site but we felt this was totally misleading.

Extract from application form showing the word 'Brownfield'

Traditionally, a garden attached to a house is treated as 'previously developed' or 'brownfield' land. In this case however, the site of the proposed development forms a separate freehold and therefore must be considered to be 'previously undeveloped' or greenfield.

For a full discussion of this issue, see the section on the Round Hill Society web site.

How many people use the Cat Creep in an average week?

  1. 250
  2. 1275
  3. 2275

Find out by reading the details of our traffic survey.

What is this all about?

Plans were submitted in May 2006 to build a group of houses and flats on part of the wooded land bordering the Cats Creep. We opposed these plans for a number of reasons and have created this website to set out our objections.

- more about the plans
- why we opposed them

On 29 June 2006, the Planning Officer refused permission for the proposed development.

What do you think?

Latest comments from visitors:

"I hope with all my might that these plans are rejected by the town planning decision makers, and never considered again in the future."

"Yesterday I learned to my horror that my house is quoted as being a precedent for this proposed development as it is at the end of the green corridor."

See what other people are saying and tell us your views.

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Contact us

More information will be available on this website soon but in the meantime, please contact us for information.


Thank you to all the people who have visited the site, written letters and sent words of support. So far we have had 2661 visitors.