What is being proposed?

On 19 May, a proposal was registered with the City Council to build on a section of land next to the Cats Creep in the Round Hill Conservation Area.

map showing area of proposed build

The proposal is to build:

  • 3 x 3 bedroom houses
  • 2 x 1 bedroom flats

The proposed buildings would be constructed of glass, metal and timber in stark contrast to the surrounding properties and the only means of access to the site would be via the Cats Creep.


The plans for the houses show that part of the current slope will be excavated and most of the trees on the site removed.

During the build phase, it is proposed that the Cats Creep will be closed to local residents so that it can be used by dumper trucks accessing the site.

It would also be necessary to remove a section of wall on the Cats Creep to allow access during the building.

Full details of the planning application

Read the full planning application as presented by the applicant to Brighton and Hove City Council

Please use the following links to review the application as submitted by the developer.

Note that some of these documents are very large and take a while to download. If you right-click on the link and choose 'save as', you can see how long it is going to take to download. (Apple users can Ctrl click and choose 'download files')

Application form (small download, 5 pages)

Supporting Documents (large download, 54 pages)

Drawings (large download, 8 pages of graphics)

If you feel strongly about this development, please see our section on how to make your views known.

Our view

The Cats Creep Campaign oppose these plans for a number of reasons and have created this website to set out our objections.

- why we oppose them

Your views count

The planning officer responsible for reviewing these proposals will consider the views of any interested parties. If you have a view on this proposal, please see the link below for more details.

- making your views heard

What do you think?

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