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"I am a friend of people who live very near the proposed new buildings. I am horrified at these plans - they have NOT considered the natural wildlife that have their habitat in the area nor have they taken into account the impact on human life in the area, which is just as important.

The facts speak for themselves - the local people have come together and exposed how these proposed buildings will impact on the local community on a variety of different levels. To ignore the evidence being presented to the council would be folly indeed, for all the reasons so articulately presented on this website.

I hope with all my might that these plans are rejected by the town planning decision makers, and never considered again in the future."

Eric, Clyde Road

"Yesterday I learned to my horror that my house is quoted as being a precedent for this proposed development as it is at the end of the green corridor. This house is roughly 150 years old. It was built for the people working on the land surrounding it. The proposed houses have no connection with the surrounding land.

My home is surrounded by a large wildlife garden. The proposed houses would be destroying that same habitat. This house and garden is completely hidden from the road. The proposed houses will be a visible scar.

The applicant has never seen this house. The applicant has never seen this garden. And has never asked my permission to do so. She is therefore not only ill-informed but ill-mannered and I strongly object to being used in this way. I do not wish to be associated in any way with her, or her plans. I would like any mention of the 150 year old trumped up 'precedent' removed from her application.

Lucy, Wakefield Road

"The people who devised this ridiculous plan to break one of the few uncultivated strips of land in the already overcrowded and overpopulated area are blindly destroying for purely selfish reasons, discarding the necessities of the fragile environment and the local wildlife dependant on it.

Every night I walk up the flight of stairs, beside the proposed building site, listening to the distant chatters and clicks of hunting bats, manoeuvring among the trees that will be cut down to provide the space for the new buildings. Money, profit, death and pain. Those are the facts. Nobody cares what is going to happen to the rightful owners of the area, humans robbed, killed and destroyed the natural environment for centuries and are continuing to 'progress' at the same rate.

Just a small tip of the scale can upset the balance of the ecosystem (or what is left of it) if not annihilate it completely. The open areas being used up and cemented over will result in loss of all different kinds of birds due to the disappearance of their main food sources and their only nesting grounds demolished to make room for more bricks & walls. To make more money. Without the sheltering trees the insects will be gone, taking with them the bat colonies (which go against the law of the conservation of rare, vanishing wild animals) that humans seem to love, but not cherish.

Surely the foxes will find a way around the construction site, making their way through the streets where teenagers chuck beer bottles at them and chaise the vulnerable cubs across the road, where the danger of being run over is inevitable. But, surely that wouldn't be our fault.

The badgers, the hedgehogs, the squirrels that made enemies with so many gardeners are living, breathing creatures. They don't deserve this. The rate at which our wildlife is diminishing is only going to increase with these actions. Why stop there? Why not uproot every conservation area there is? This certainly is setting a perfect example for others to follow."
Vorona, Springfield Road

"Having read through the planning application I feel outraged that blatant greed is being disguised as "sustainable" "eco" and "green". This area is already overdeveloped and a constant target for unscrupulous and persistent developers. Not only are there bats and other wildlife to be disrupted, there are also slow worms, which are a protected species and should not be deliberately harmed by law. When will people realise that enough is enough?"
Jane, Round Hill Crescent

"Quite aside from all the extremely valid ecological and social points made by others, it must also be remembered that this small green space is of enormous spiritual value to those who live in its proximity as well as to those who visit. I used to live in Sussex and my visits back to the county reveal enormous degradation of the natural environment and consequent destruction of peace of mind of those forced to live in an increasingly crowded environment."
Graeme, Sussex ex-pat

"I own and live in one of the houses which garden is backed to Amanda Lloyds land.I saw the plans and am concerned about what is being purposed. For a start one Of the houses will be built very close to my garden, which will not only obstruct Views but will leave me with no privacy…

I am also strongly against cutting any of the trees that surround the area as they provide us with some of the most amazing birds and their songs, not mentioning all the other wildlife.

BUT...One of the objections against these building plans for, not one but five houses in-between Richmond Rd and Round Hill that hasn’t been mentioned is that the 5 families that will be living there can only access their homes from one door on the side of the Cats Creep... God forbid that anything bad should happen but what if there were to be a fire or someone got ill, how are the emergency Services going to get there? Will they have to come through the flats and gardens of residents on Round Hill Crescent and jump over the fences to the rescue?

Surely this is already a hazard for us all...

Personally the eco house story doesn't wash with's absolutely ridiculous...Excuse me!but by destroying an already eco friendly area and “replacing" it with “eco-houses” doesn't make it ok!!

Amanda works for Brighton and Hove Council, therefore I wonder if we will all be ignored and the plans go ahead anyway!!!"

Anon, Round Hill

"I am delighted that there is outright condemnation of the plan to develop this site. I hope that we can all form a coalition to oppose development anywhere along the "green ribbon" as the council calls it. I have read Amanda's planning application and find it self-contradictory in its so called green ethics. For example replacing mature indigenous tree species with small ornamental foreign ones is hardly supportive of our local wildlife. This area is indeed a green oasis and is acknowledged as such officially in the Council's own concervation area policy document. I just hope that the planning committee can be made aware of this and will be brave enough to put their mouth where the money is and reject this silly plan. The flaws in it are too many and too obvious for it to possibly proceed."
Anon, Wakefield Road

"It is a ridiculous proposal and I urge all local residents to protest most strongly. The Cats Creep is used daily by many people and it's closure will cause untold incovenience. Such a developopment will destroy the area and de-value existing properties."
Anon, Round Hill Crescent

"ridiculous plan...showing a massive lack of consideration for others."
Dan, Princes Crescent

"The applicant compares this undeveloped green woodland to the Brighton Station, Preston Barracks and Lewes Rd bus depot sites in her attempt to justify this development. Nothing could be further from the truth - this is not a site of dereliction but a sight of natural beauty. This is not a wasteland earmarked for strategic housing, but part of a conservation area, recognised for its value as an open space to the local community and to the people of the city."
Andrew and Sue, Richmond Road

"In her application to cram 5 new homes into her back garden Amanda Lloyd claims to be sensitive to the needs of local residents….. Hello?

"How sensitive is it to-

  • Close and damage an essential and historic public through fare, making non-car users walk further to access amenities?
  • Suggest that new homes don't need to be accessible to wheel chairs, buggies, and those with mobility problems?
  • Disregard the privacy of numerous neighbours and replace their existing views with Lego like quick build houses that afford individuals the personal space of a factory farm?

"The application uses the friendly and hip terminology of “eco-home” to reassure us that the needs of the environment have been incorporated into the plans…... Hello?

"Is it environmentally considerate to-

  • Bull doze one of the only connective green spaces in the area, destroying the habitat of protected species?
  • Bring more cars and people to an already dangerously congested area?
  • Ignore the need for an ecological survey in the application?
  • Consider the use of a pump to push sewage into an already vulnerable drainage system?
  • For the developer to wave a green flag from her 5 story home then pop to the shops in a petrol guzzling Saab?

"This development has nothing to offer Roundhill, the environment or those in social need. The sole beneficiary will be the developer. Please write to the Council now and understand that these audacious plans might be passed if you don't.
Caroline, Richmond Road

"Whilst we now live in Richmond Road, until 4 years ago we lived in Roundhill Crescent in a flat backing on to the garden. The proposal at first struck me as completely daft without a hope of getting planning permission, particularly in a conservation area in which one is restricted in the choice of colour to paint one's house, or dormer window to fit in a loft conversion. Having said that, it would foolish to suppose the silliness of the proposal is any guarantee it will be rejected by the planning authorities. I'd urge all those who think it would be an outrage for the plans to be passed to object as strongly as they can."
Dan, Richmond Road

"I was upset and disappointed to hear that plans have been submitted to build houses on the beautiful piece of land at the back of the first four houses in Richmond Road. I live a few doors away and enjoy it every day. My visitors always comment on the very special atmosphere created by this little wooded area – it comes as a lovely surprise to anyone who visits for the first time and brings repeated enjoyment to those who visit on a regular basis. They describe it as a little haven - unexpected and delightful. This is also similar for those who walk up or down the Cats Creep.

This piece of land forms a very significant part of a little ‘oasis’ of green space in the middle of a built-up, inner city area and, in my view, it would be a very sad loss should it be developed into more housing. The character of the area would be changed forever and a unique feature would be lost."
Morgan, Richmond Road

"The proposed buildings are totally out of character with the surrounding Victorian architecture. Where existing houses have pitched roofs, the tops of the proposed properties are flat; in place of rendered walls, the proposed units have bare brick, glass and wood cladding. The designs are out of tune with this landscape, making an ugly contrast."
Dave, Wakefield Road

"Neither access arrangements or the steep terrain of Round Hill itself serves the applicant's purpose of promoting cycle-use to minimize the extra pressure on parking from occupants, their visitors and their service vehicles. Will the occupants use bicycles for transport to work, school, shopping etc? The applicant undertakes that she will attempt to promote cycle use, but how far will her influence extend? Will she lead by example? "
Ted, Princes Road

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