Traffic survey

How many people use the Cats Creep? We carried out two spot checks to see how many people use Cats Creep and it is busier than we thought:

During an ordinary weekday morning (from 7.45 until 9.45am), a total of 56 people and three animals walked up or down it

  • 23 women
  • 14 men
  • 19 children (3-16 years old)
  • 1 dog
  • 2 cats

During a 2-hour evening slot (4-5 and 6-7pm), a total of 45 people used it:

  • 16 women
  • 23 men
  • 6 children

It was interesting how constant the use was. There wasn't a single ten minute slot when at least one person didn't go up or down.

So, we reckon that a conservative estimate for daily usage would be 325 trips a day, adding up to a huge 2,275 journeys a week.

The proposed new development will have a detrimental impact on all these people.

What do you think?

How often do you use the Cat Creep? Please give us your views on Round Hill's public stairway:

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